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Hydraulic Equipment

Column for hydrant Flanged

Column for hydrant 4 "flanged, with two outs 2 1/2" in Y or T in carbon steel, painted in the color red safety used in hydrant network installation. Height: 1000mm.

Additional equipment:
T columns: angle valves 45 Ø 2½ "with adapters and plugs Ø 2 ½".
Y columns: angle valves 90 Ø 2½ "with adapters and plugs Ø 2 ½".

Registration angular globe

Registration angle 45 ° bronze globe, with steering wheel Cast aluminum, building and industrial type, to be connected to the hydrant column to lock or making water gravity pressure fire hydrant system.

Login threaded 2 1/2 "female, and output threaded 2 1/2" male.

Adjustable nozzles 1 1/2 or 2 1/2

Adjustable nozzle 1 1/2 "or 2 1/2", designed for use in hose lines in fire fighting systems. Enables three modes of operation: straight stream, fog and closed nozzle. Turning the adjustable nozzle spray, can be obtained solid stream or mist different angles to the formation of approximately 120 ° curtain. Available in aluminum or brass.

Storz key

Intended to facilitate the coupling and uncoupling of the hoses. The curved portion presents teeth that fit in the existing shoulders on the body of Union Storz of 1 1/2 "and 2 1/2".

Made of brass.

Adjustable nozzles for Mangotinho

Adjustable splash mangotinho 1 ", made of polished or chromed brass with knurled body and nozzle for better control and anti-adhesion, used in hoses and hose 1". Equipped with three positions, closed, jet-solid and fog with training range of up to 120 degrees.

Flow: 1 "69 GPM (260 LPM) at 100 psi.

Iron cover To Repression

Iron cover for repression (cobbled record) as 60 × 40 in cast iron, with the word engraved fire.

The Pumping Log is an extension of the water network, consisting of a globe registration and connection in a brick box closed by a cast iron cover. Must be located in the main driveway of the building, and is intended for exclusive use of the fire department, so it should always remain clean and clear.

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